Australian captain Pat Cummins stalks the world of cricket with a crazy batting record

Australian Test captain Pat Cummins broke Australia’s batting record in the Indian Premier League.

Cummins shocked everyone, including himself, with 14 overs in 50 overs in the IPL.

The effort was in keeping with the record set by KL Rahul during his time with the Punjab Kings, and also set the fastest time for an Australian man in half a century.

Cummins was retained by the Cavaliers as their star bowler of the season, but he made history at the other end.

The 28-year-old went into the crease from 5-101, then made 56 runs and 15 runs, and helped his team to a 162-win goal with four more bats.

Cummins struck a staggering 34 in a run of seven overs, with fellow Australian Daniel Sams, a pitiful bowler in the circumstances.

Cummins, who easily shot the best of the game, spoke of his shock after the game.

“I think I’m probably the most surprised person here,” he said.

“When I didn’t really think about it, I thought I was giving it my all. I tried to swing hard and luckily it worked out today.”

The right-handed player is playing his first game of the IPL season and the Cavaliers need 30 runs in 35 runs after a good start. Cummins went on to score all 35 points in the following game.

He continued: “It’s very rewarding, this first game, which means we’re now four wins and three losses.

“In Pune, the ball seemed to fly a little here. It had a short side, so I tried to attack the short side.

“I’m sure I’ll get some news about my Test hit and I can hardly get it off the square.”

The show was stunned by the cricket world.

One commenter said: “Gosh, I can’t believe it. Pat Cummins, he makes it look so easy.”

Indian cricketer Abhinav Mukund tweeted: “Still dumb after that bat! Wow. Unreal! Pat Cummins gave me my earliest nights of sleep in this IPL.”

Former Indian cricketer Venkatesh Prasad also praised the indictment, tweeting: “One of the cleanest batting performance ever. Pat Cummins lets the world go Mumbai District bowlers look like club bowlers. IPL 50 fastest United, bow. ”

An absolutely incredible effort by Pat Cummins to get into the record books. amazing.

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