BPL 2024: Shoaib Malik will Join Fortune Barishal on Tamim Iqbal’s request.

BPL 2024: Shoaib Malik will Join Fortune Barishal on Tamim Iqbal’s request. The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) 2024 has taken an exciting turn with the announcement of veteran all-rounder Shoaib Malik rejoining Fortune Barishal at the request of the team’s captain, Tamim Iqbal. This development has stirred up anticipation and excitement among cricket fans eagerly awaiting the seasoned campaigner’s return to the T20 league.

Shoaib Malik’s Stint with Fortune Barishal:

Shoaib Malik, the Pakistani cricketing maestro, has been a familiar face in T20 leagues around the world, and his previous stint with Fortune Barishal left a lasting impression on both fans and teammates. Malik’s wealth of experience, versatile batting style, and handy off-spin bowling make him a valuable asset in the game’s shortest format.

Tamim Iqbal’s Request:

The announcement of Shoaib Malik’s return to Fortune Barishal came on the heels of a personal request from the team’s charismatic captain, Tamim Iqbal. Known for his astute leadership and strategic mindset, Tamim sees the inclusion of Shoaib Malik as a crucial move to bolster the team’s chances in the tournament.

Tamim Iqbal, a seasoned international and domestic cricket campaigner, expressed his excitement about having Shoaib Malik back in the Fortune Barishal squad. Tamim highlighted Malik’s experience, composure under pressure, and ability to guide younger players as crucial reasons behind the request.

BPL 2024: Shoaib Malik will Join Fortune Barishal on Tamim Iqbal’s request.

BPL 2024: Shoaib Malik will Join Fortune Barishal on Tamim Iqbal's request.

Shoaib Malik’s Impact:

Shoaib Malik‘s presence in the Fortune Barishal squad is expected to bring a wealth of knowledge and a calming influence to the team. His ability to anchor the innings and his astute cricketing acumen can play a pivotal role in shaping the team’s fortunes in the BPL 2024.

Malik’s previous performances for Fortune Barishal showcased his adaptability in various batting positions, making him a versatile asset for the team. Additionally, his off-spin bowling provides Captain Tamim Iqbal with an additional option in crucial moments, balancing the team’s overall composition.

Team Dynamics and Expectations:

Fortune Barishal, with the likes of Tamim Iqbal and Shoaib Malik at the helm, now boasts a formidable combination of experience and flair. The team’s supporters are optimistic about their prospects in the BPL 2024, considering the squad’s wealth of talent and leadership prowess.

The expectations from Shoaib Malik are not only to contribute with the bat and ball but also to mentor and guide the younger players in the team. His experience in high-pressure situations and ability to stay calm under challenging circumstances make him a mentor figure who could significantly influence the development of emerging talents in the squad.


Shoaib Malik’s return to Fortune Barishal in the BPL 2024, spurred by Tamim Iqbal’s request, adds extra excitement to an already highly anticipated tournament. The collaboration between these two experienced cricketers has the potential to elevate Fortune Barishal’s performance and make them strong contenders for the BPL title. As the tournament unfolds, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the on-field magic this dynamic duo is poised to deliver.


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