Brian Lara ‘Not Happy’ with Big Three’s Influence in Test Cricket.

Brian Lara ‘Not Happy’ with Big Three’s Influence in Test Cricket. The landscape of international cricket has undergone significant changes in recent years, with power dynamics and influence shifting towards the so-called “Big Three” – India, England, and Australia. Cricket legend Brian Lara, renowned for his illustrious career and numerous records, has expressed his discontent with the growing influence of these cricketing giants in the Test format. Lara’s concerns highlight the potential ramifications for the broader cricketing community and the need for a fair and balanced playing field.

The Rise of the Big Three:

In the aftermath of a restructuring in global cricket governance, the Big Three – India, England, and Australia – have assumed a dominant position in terms of financial clout and in shaping the policies and decisions that govern the sport. The formation of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) revenue-sharing model has allowed these three nations to garner a lion’s share of the cricketing revenue, creating a noticeable disparity between them and the rest of the cricketing nations.

Brian Lara’s Discontent:

Brian Lara, often regarded as one of the most incredible batters in the sport’s history, has voiced his dissatisfaction with how the Big Three’s influence has tilted the balance in Test cricket. Lara believes that the concentration of power in the hands of a few nations undermines the spirit of fairness and competitiveness that has long been the hallmark of Test cricket.

Lara argues that the dominance of the Big Three affects the financial health of smaller cricketing nations and directly impacts the quality and competitiveness of test matches involving these teams. The disparity in resources and opportunities creates an uneven playing field, making it challenging for smaller nations to compete at the highest level consistently.

Impact on Global Cricket:

The concentration of power in the hands of the Big Three raises concerns about international cricket’s overall health and diversity. A sport that prides itself on being a global phenomenon needs to ensure that opportunities are evenly distributed, fostering growth and competitiveness among all nations. Brian Lara’s critique underscores the importance of maintaining a balanced and inclusive approach to the development of Test cricket.

Possible Solutions:

To address the concerns raised by cricketing legends like Brian Lara, the current governance structure and revenue-sharing model must be reevaluated within international cricket. The ICC must actively work towards creating a more equitable distribution of resources, ensuring that all cricketing nations, irrespective of their size or financial strength, have the means to develop and sustain competitive teams in the game’s longer format.


Brian Lara ‘Not Happy’ with Big Three’s Influence in Test Cricket.

Brian Lara 'Not Happy' with Big Three's Influence in Test Cricket.



Also, fostering initiatives promoting bilateral series between nations of varying strengths can contribute to a more competitive and engaging Test cricket environment. Encouraging the sport’s growth beyond the traditional powerhouses is crucial for its global appeal and the overall well-being of the cricketing community.


Brian Lara’s candid expression of displeasure with the growing influence of the Big Three in Test cricket serves as a reminder that the essence of the sport lies in its inclusivity and the spirit of fair competition. As cricket continues to evolve, the ICC and cricketing boards must carefully navigate the delicate balance between financial considerations and the game’s overall health. The global cricketing fraternity looks to its governing bodies to implement measures that ensure a level playing field, preserving the integrity and excitement of Test cricket for generations to come.


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