Curse of Technology Costs Pakistan Potential Win: Hafeez.

Curse of Technology Costs Pakistan Potential Win: Hafeez. In the fast-paced world of modern cricket, technology has become an integral part of the game, aiding umpires in making accurate decisions and adding a layer of fairness to the sport. However, not everyone is convinced of its infallibility. Mohammad Hafeez, the seasoned Pakistani cricketer, recently expressed his concerns about the “curse of technology” and its potential impact on Pakistan’s chances of victory in crucial matches.

The Role of Technology in Cricket:

The Decision Review System (DRS) is a technology-driven tool that allows players to challenge on-field decisions made by the umpires. It involves ball-tracking technology, UltraEdge for detecting edges, and Hawk-Eye for predicting the ball’s trajectory. While DRS has been praised for its ability to rectify errors, some players, like Hafeez, believe it introduces an element of uncertainty and controversy.

Hafeez’s Concerns:

In a recent interview, Hafeez voiced his concerns about the impact of technology on Pakistan’s performance, particularly in tight situations. He argued that while technology aims to eliminate human error, it is not foolproof and can lead to incorrect decisions, affecting the outcome of matches.

Curse of Technology Costs Pakistan Potential Win: Hafeez.

Curse of Technology Costs Pakistan Potential Win: Hafeez.

The Psychological Toll:

Hafeez emphasized the psychological toll that technology-induced decisions can take on players. The constant fear of a contentious review or unfavorable outcome can distract players from their game and add unnecessary stress to high-pressure situations.

Instances of Controversial Decisions:

Pakistan has recently experienced its fair share of controversial decisions influenced by technology. From questionable ball-tracking outcomes to inconclusive UltraEdge readings, these instances have fueled skepticism among players and fans alike. Hafeez’s concerns reflect a growing sentiment within the cricketing community regarding the need for a more reliable and transparent use of technology.

The Need for Review:

Hafeez’s statements prompt a crucial discussion within the cricketing fraternity about the effectiveness and fairness of the current technological interventions. It raises the question of whether improvements can be made to the existing systems or if alternative methods should be explored to ensure a more accurate and reliable decision-making process.

Balancing Act:

While technology aims to make cricket more just and fair, finding the right balance is crucial. Balancing tech and preserving cricket’s spirit is crucial for maintaining the game’s integrity and excitement.


The “curse of technology,” described by Mohammad Hafeez, sheds light on the evolving nature of cricket and the challenges of embracing advanced tools like DRS. Cricket stakeholders—players, administrators, and fans—must engage in constructive dialogue in the quest for the right balance. The goal is to ensure technology enhances, not hinders, the thrill and unpredictability that makes cricket beloved worldwide.


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