‘Dear Hafeez, Wahab…’: Shoaib Malik Offers Support Ahead Of NZ vs PAK T20Is.

‘Dear Hafeez, Wahab…’: Shoaib Malik Offers Support Ahead Of NZ vs PAK T20Is. In the lead-up to the much-anticipated T20I series between Pakistan and New Zealand, seasoned campaigner Shoaib Malik sent a heartfelt message to his teammates, Mohammad Hafeez and Wahab Riaz. The statement, shared on social media, reflects the camaraderie within the Pakistani cricket team and underscores the importance of unity and support in the face of challenges. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the thrilling encounters, Shoaib Malik’s encouraging words set the stage for a series beyond the boundaries.

The Supportive Message:

Shoaib Malik’s message begins with a warm salutation, “Dear Hafeez, Wahab…”— a personal touch that immediately captures the attention of fans and teammates alike. In a few concise lines, Malik conveys his unwavering support and encouragement to the two players ahead of the T20I series, acknowledging the pressures and expectations that come with international cricket.

Encouraging Unity:

Beyond the individual performances and statistics, Shoaib Malik’s message emphasizes the power of unity within the team. The veteran all-rounder calls for solidarity, reminding his teammates that they are part of a more prominent family striving for success on the cricketing stage. As Malik implies, this unity is a source of strength that can overcome challenges and contribute to the team’s overall success.

Experience Speaking Volumes:

Shoaib Malik‘s words carry added weight due to his vast experience in international cricket. As a player who has seen the highs and lows of the game, Malik’s supportive message is grounded in the wisdom gained over years of representing Pakistan at the highest level. His insight into the mental and emotional aspects of the game provides a valuable perspective for his teammates, especially those facing pivotal moments in their careers.

‘Dear Hafeez, Wahab…’: Shoaib Malik Offers Support Ahead Of NZ vs PAK T20Is.

'Dear Hafeez, Wahab...': Shoaib Malik Offers Support Ahead Of NZ vs PAK T20Is.

Navigating Expectations:

The T20I series against New Zealand brings with it a set of expectations from fans and the players themselves. Shoaib Malik’s message subtly addresses the weight of these expectations, urging Hafeez and Wahab to approach the series with confidence and self-belief. Malik’s understanding of the mental challenges in cricket shines through as he encourages his teammates to embrace the opportunity and express their true potential.

Setting the Tone for Success:

As the series unfolds, Shoaib Malik’s supportive message serves as a rallying cry for the Pakistani team. It sets the tone for a collective effort, reinforcing the idea that success is not solely defined by individual performances but by the cohesive spirit of the team. Malik’s words echo the sentiment that unity and encouragement from within can propel a team to victory in the face of competition.


Shoaib Malik’s heartfelt message to Mohammad Hafeez and Wahab Riaz is not just a prelude to a cricket series but a testament to the bonds forged in pursuing a common goal. As fans eagerly await the T20Is between Pakistan and New Zealand, Shoaib Malik reminds us that cricket is not just about runs, wickets, and victories. It’s about the shared experiences, the challenges faced together, and the unwavering support that makes the team more than just a collection of individual players. In the spirit of Malik’s message, cricket enthusiasts worldwide wish the Pakistani team success and unity in the upcoming T20I series.


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