Grant Bradburn Returns as Pakistan’s Head Coach: ICC World Cup 2023

Grant Bradburn returns as the Pakistan men’s team set up as head coach after an absence of one and a half years and is on a mission to guide the team to victory in the 2023 ICC World Cup. Bradburn discusses various aspects of the team’s journey, including the growth of the players, the passionate fanbase, the team’s focus on adhering to the ‘Pakistan Way,’ and more.

Grant Bradburn Returns as Pakistan’s Head Coach: ICC World Cup 2023

One notable change he observes is the age of the current squad, which has matured significantly over the past five years, transitioning from young, freshly selected players to experienced adults. Bradburn emphasizes the close-knit nature of the team off the field, noting their unity and mutual respect for each other’s skills. He also highlights the importance of healthy debates and emotions within the team as signs of growth and learning and acknowledges the cricket team’s ongoing quest to deliver strong performances in all aspects of the game consistently. While challenges persist, Bradburn sees them as opportunities for improvement, ultimately bringing the team closer to its collective goals.

Grant Bradburn Returns as Pakistan's Head Coach: ICC World Cup 2023

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