He accused Gerard Pique of making millions of the controversial Spanish Super Cup move to Saudi Arabia

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has been accused of winning millions of controversial moves to Saudi Arabia in the Spanish Super Cup competition.

Pique is said to have helped broker a deal with Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) president Luis Rubiales to bring the game to the Middle East.

According to the Telegraph, Spanish newspaper El Confidencial reported that the RFEF included two clauses in its contract with Saudi authorities to ensure that Kosmos, the company founded by Pique in 2018, would receive 4 million euros per game (£ 3.3 million ). Country over six years, totaling € 24m (£ 19.9m).

According to the report, the RFEF will take home € 40m (£ 33.1m) for every Super Bowl held in the country.

El Confidencial claims to have access to audio recordings and documents relating to the agreement, and claims that Rubiales attempted to conceal Pique’s involvement in the agreement.

In one of the recordings, Pique allegedly responded to Rubiales’ suggestion that Real would not agree to play outside Spain for less than € 8m (£ 6.6m).

“If it’s about money, [Real Madrid] gets 8 million euros, then they get 8 million euros, Barcelona gets 8 million euros, and then everybody else gets 2 million euros,” said Pique, reportedly a payout of 1 million euros. ”

“That’s 19 million euros and you, the federation, keep 6 million euros. We could even ask Saudi Arabia for more and say if it doesn’t, then Real Madrid probably won’t come.

“Instead of hosting in Spain you won’t even make 3 million euros, think about it.”

Given that Pique is still a player in Barcelona, his alleged involvement in the deal could be considered a potential conflict of interest.

According to Marca, Pique allegedly received no commission directly from RFEF to avoid violating any code of ethics.

After the deal, Rubiales allegedly sent Pique another voicemail.

“Well done Jerry, I’m not talking about your great game and goal yesterday,” said Rubiales.

“I’m referring to the fact that the agreement was signed with Saudi Arabia. Thanks for everything, I’m here for all your needs.”

The news was allegedly sent in September 2019, with the first Saudi Arabian Championship held in January the following year.

Real Madrid won the trophy, with Atlético Madrid, Valencia and the Pique Barcelona club also taking part.

According to the Mirror, a spokeswoman for Pique told El Confidencial that the Barcelona defender received no favorable treatment from Rubiales during the transfer agreement negotiation.

The RFEF also issued a public statement on Monday, which read: “This information does not add anything new to content published in 2019.

“The figures for each act are presented, explained and supported by the Football TV Congress.”

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