Infinite Boxing Announces Massive May Fighting Night


Australian boxing fans are gearing up for a grand banquet in May.

No Limit Boxing has announced a major event on May 11, which will be an epic fight night with Paul Gallen, Harry Garside and Nikita Tszyu.

The event will be held at Newcastle Entertainment Center.

Gallen will face Kris Terzievski, Garside defending his lightweight Australian title Layton McFerran less than a month after his last match, and Tszyu challenging unbeaten Mason Smith in his second professional match.

This will be the second time the promotion includes a star-studded fight night, as Gallen challenges former UFC heavyweight Mark Hunter in 2020 and Tim Tzuyu challenges Bowen Morgan at CommBank Stadium.

At a press conference announcing the event, Gallen admitted he was back in the ring for the money.

“At the end of the day, as I’ve said from day one, I want to get paid, and the only way to get paid in this sport is to play fun games that people want to watch.”

Gallen will fight for the Australian title and played a large part in his choice to take the race.

“It’s a huge carrot for me, trying to win games and doing things no other rugby league player has done,” said Gallen.

Garside, who is just starting his boxing career, will have a tough fight with McPhelan, who, like Garside, has only lost once.

“I love being in the ring, so when the opportunity comes, I can’t turn it down,” said Garside.

Tszyu will also face an unbeaten opponent in Smith, the 27-year-old who beat Aaron Stahl against TKO in his first appearance in March.

“It’s an honor to fight in a stadium like this one,” said Nikita about becoming the third Tszyu to fight in Newcastle. “There is a heritage.”

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