Joe Rogan claims everyone in MMA would be ‘beaten out’ if current sports star compete in Octagon

UFC legend Joe Rogan believes that everyone in the MMA world would be “cast out” if basketball star LeBron James were to play in the Octagon.

LeBron, 37, has enjoyed a prolific career in the NBA, winning four NBA championships, four MVP awards and two Olympic gold medals to date.

Often considered one of the greats next to Michael Jordan, the Los Angeles Lakers star stands at 6-foot-9 and weighs about 250 pounds.

James’ pure size, peak form and body are enough to surprise Rogan, who considers the boxer “lucky” that King James did not compete in mixed martial arts.

In a clip from The Joe Rogan Experience in 2017, the UFC colorist said, “Well, look at a guy like LeBron, if he fights, everybody gets fucked….”

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“They’re lucky, they’re lucky, there’s so much in basketball and LeBron James is involved.

“People say, ‘Okay, you know what, man? Something that makes you a great basketball player doesn’t necessarily make you a great fighter.

“Listen to me: save it. That guy will beat your f ***** g a ** e. He’s a winner, just up to a point, and he does whatever he wants. ”

UFC President Dana White echoed previous sentiments about LeBron’s fight in MMA, arguing that the Space Jam: A New Legacy star will be a “beast.”

He said at the UFC Expo in 2014: “[…] Imagine if a guy like LeBron James trained in MMA as a kid, you know, what a guy like that could do.

“I thought LeBron was going to be a beast. Yeah, guys like him. Look at Jon Jones, if you look at his family, he should probably be playing football or something, but he fought in hard and look at talent. “

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