Marlon Samuels hit with long-term ban for breach

Marlon Samuels, the former West Indies batter, has received a six-year ban from all cricket following a breach of the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) Anti-Corruption Code. Acting as the Designated Anti-Corruption Official under the ECB Code, the ICC charged Samuels with four offenses in September 2021. After being found guilty of these charges in August this year, the ICC confirmed the six-year ban, effective November 11, 2023.

Marlon Samuels hit with long-term ban for breach

Samuels was found guilty on four charges:

1. Article 2.4.2 (by a majority decision): He failed to disclose to the Designated Anti-Corruption Official any receipt of gifts, payments, hospitality, or benefits that could bring him or cricket into disrepute.

2. Article 2.4.3 (unanimous decision): He neglected to disclose the receipt of hospitality valued at US $750 or more to the Designated Anti-Corruption Official.

3. Article 2.4.6 (unanimous decision): He failed to cooperate with the Designated Anti-Corruption Official’s investigation.

4. Article 2.4.7 (unanimous decision): He obstructed or delayed the Designated Anti-Corruption Official’s investigation by concealing relevant information.

Marlon Samuels hit with long-term ban for breach

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