Mohammad Hafeez talks about NOC policy for Pakistan cricketers

Mohammad Hafeez talks about NOC policy for Pakistan cricketers. It seems like there’s a bit of contention surrounding the issuance of NOCs to Pakistani cricketers for participation in various leagues, particularly the case of Haris Rauf’s potential involvement in the Big Bash League and the denial of NOCs for the T10 League for other players. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) seems to be considering a more structured and transparent NOC policy, according to Mohammad Hafeez, the newly appointed team director.

Mohammad Hafeez talks about NOC policy for Pakistan cricketers

Hafeez emphasized the need to balance players’ commitments to international cricket, especially considering the workload management concerns raised during the recent ODI World Cup. The intention seems to revolve around safeguarding players’ fitness and ensuring they are adequately prepared for major international tournaments like the upcoming T20 World Cup.

The focus on prioritizing representing Pakistan and emphasizing the significance of domestic cricket, particularly red-ball cricket, reflects a desire to strengthen the foundation of players’ skills. Hafeez’s emphasis on red-ball cricket as the bedrock of a player’s abilities and the intention to incentivize and promote players engaged in this format suggests a shift toward nurturing a more well-rounded and fundamentally strong cricketing setup in Pakistan.

Mohammad Hafeez talks about NOC policy for Pakistan cricketers

The measures proposed might be perceived as stringent by some, especially for those moving away from red-ball cricket, but the objective seems to be centered on the long-term benefit of Pakistan cricket and the overall development of players’ skills. It’ll be interesting to see how this proposed NOC policy and the emphasis on red-ball cricket unfold and how they shape the future trajectory of Pakistani cricket.

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