Nine Premiership clubs likely to play in Europe next season

England could have nine clubs in European football next season if there is a series of remarkable results at the end of the season.

England are still able to win three European club games this season.

Liverpool and Manchester City have advanced to the semi-finals of the Champions League, where they will face Villarreal and Real Madrid respectively.

West Ham have reached the semi-finals of the Europa League, where they will face Frankfurt in the semi-finals, while Leicester will face Roma in the semi-finals.

If English clubs were to win all three competitions, there could be as many as nine Premier League clubs in Europe next season.

ESPN editor Dale Johnson explained on Twitter on Friday how this unlikely scenario happened.


He began: “Leicester and West Ham in the US and UECL semi-finals, and after a question last night a thread explained how their performances could affect the number of teams in the European Premier League. Europe next season Maximum number of Senior teams League is 9.

“A common misconception is that the maximum is seven, but this is not the case. If the owners mentioned above are domestically ineligible, the European owner’s place is independent. However, the winner of a European title is outside to the country for that season.On completion the race is very, very rare.

“If the European champions are domestically eligible, they will play in the top ranking competition. So if West Ham win the UEL and get a UEL or UECL place in the Premier League, they will play in the UCL as Then, the PL position in UEL or UECL is empty.

“For example, Sevilla (here Johnson means Villarreal) won the UEL last season to qualify for the UCL title. Sevilla [Villarreal] also finished in the UECL place in La Liga. So that place is blank, which means La Liga is not represented in the first UECL.

“So how will the European Premiership qualifiers this season work? We are absolutely certain that the top four will play in the Champions League and the fifth in the Europa League. Crystal Palace.

“If Crystal Palace win the FA Cup, they will go to the UEL and the sixth place in the Premier League will go to the UECL. If Crystal Palace doesn’t win the FA Cup, the sixth place in the UEL and seventh in the UECL.

“Nothing else can change the domestic qualifying position. Leicester City and West Ham’s performance cannot affect, positively or negatively, a match won by another Premier League team. It cannot create additional places other than itself as the title holder.

“As Leicester City will almost certainly be in the top 7 in the Premier League, if they win the UECL then England will have 8 teams in Europe next season. UCL 4 UEL 3 (Leicester, FA Cup 5th) UECL 1st (6th or 7th)).

“If West Ham also won the UEL and finished 8th (or Crystal Palace won the FA Cup, England would only have 9 teams) So it could be: UCL (West Ham, top 4) 5 UEL (Leicester, 5th in FA Cup) 1 of 3 UECL (6th or 7th). ”

In summary, if West Ham wins the Europa League and finishes in the top six, Leicester wins the Europa League and finishes outside the top seven, and Crystal Palace wins the FA Cup, then England will have nine teams next season Take part in the European war.

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