PSL 2024: Babar Azam Sets New Record as Fastest to 10,000 T20 Runs.

PSL 2024: Babar Azam Sets New Record as Fastest to 10,000 T20 Runs. In a historic moment for Pakistan cricket and the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024, Babar Azam, the talismanic batsman, has etched his name in the record books by becoming the fastest player to reach 10,000 runs in T20 cricket. The electrifying feat unfolded amid PSL 2024, leaving fans and cricket enthusiasts in awe of Babar Azam’s extraordinary batting prowess.

Record-Breaking Knock:

Babar Azam’s journey to 10,000 T20 runs was a spectacle of skill, precision, and unwavering determination. The record-breaking innings unfolded during a PSL 2024 clash, where Babar showcased his trademark elegance and a wide array of shots. The landmark moment came with a boundary, symbolizing the culmination of consistent excellence in the shortest format of the game.

Fastest to 10,000 Runs:

Babar Azam‘s achievement makes him the fastest batter to reach the milestone of 10,000 T20 runs, a testament to his exceptional consistency and adaptability across various T20 leagues worldwide. The record was previously held by international cricketing stalwarts, and Babar Azam’s feat underscores his dominance and class in contemporary T20 cricket.

PSL 2024: Babar Azam Sets New Record as Fastest to 10,000 T20 Runs.

PSL 2024: Babar Azam Sets New Record as Fastest to 10,000 T20 Runs.

PSL Glory:

The PSL has long been a platform for emerging talents and established stars to shine, and Babar Azam’s record-breaking innings adds a glittering chapter to the league’s history. PSL 2024 fans witness a cricketing maestro etch his name in records, creating cherished memories.

Consistency Personified:

Babar Azam’s journey to 10,000 T20 runs is a testament to his remarkable consistency and adaptability in the dynamic T20 landscape. Babar’s innings, from elegant drives to powerful shots, embody a modern batting maestro excelling in all formats.

Global Acclaim:

Babar Azam’s record-breaking feat resonated globally, drawing praise from fans, experts, and players alike. Social media buzzed, underscoring the significance of Babar Azam’s cricketing achievement.

Future Prospects:

In PSL 2024, Babar Azam’s record-breaking innings inspires and sets new T20 benchmarks for aspiring cricketers. Babar Azam’s consistent brilliance positions him among cricket’s elite, with fans eagerly anticipating more milestones in the tournament.


Babar Azam’s record-breaking 10,000 T20 runs in PSL 2024 is a moment etched in cricket history. Babar Azam redefines T20 standards in PSL 2024, showcasing brilliance that pushes the boundaries of excellence in the shortest format.


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