PSL 9: Multan Sultans Dealt a Blow as Two Pacers Ruled Out.

PSL 9: Multan Sultans Dealt a Blow as Two Pacers Ruled Out. As the anticipation for the ninth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) builds, Multan Sultans, one of the competing franchises, has been hit with a setback. In a significant blow to their bowling department, two pacers have been ruled out due to unforeseen circumstances, raising concerns among fans and adding a layer of challenge for the team ahead of the tournament.

The Injured Pacers:

The unfortunate news revolves around two critical pacers expected to play pivotal roles in Multan Sultans’ bowling lineup for PSL 9. While the specific details of the injuries are yet to be disclosed, the absence of these two pace bowlers leaves a void that the team must address swiftly.

  1. Pacer 1: Ihsanullah – Known for his express pace and ability to generate movement,  Ihsanullah has been a crucial asset for Multan Sultans in previous seasons. His absence due to injury is undoubtedly a setback, as his wicket-taking prowess and experience would have been valuable for the team.
  2. Pacer 2: Reece Topley- Another integral part of Multan Sultans’ pace attack, Reece Topley brought a combination of pace and accuracy to the bowling lineup. His absence further compounds the challenges for the team, especially considering the competitive nature of T20 cricket.

PSL 9: Multan Sultans Dealt a Blow as Two Pacers Ruled Out.

PSL 9: Multan Sultans Dealt a Blow as Two Pacers Ruled Out.

Impact on Multan Sultans:

Losing two key pacers just before the start of the tournament poses a significant challenge for Multan Sultans. The team management will now have to reassess their bowling strategy, considering the altered dynamics of their pace attack. The absence of experienced pacers may prompt the inclusion of young and relatively untested players, adding an element of unpredictability to Multan Sultans’ bowling lineup.

Team Management’s Response:

In the face of this setback, the Multan Sultans’ team management is expected to regroup and strategize on how best to address the void left by the injured pacers. The coaching staff and selectors will likely explore options within their squad or consider recruiting replacements to ensure a balanced and competitive bowling attack.

Fans’ Reactions:

As news of the injured pacers broke, Multan Sultans’ fans took to social media platforms to express their concern and disappointment. The loyal fanbase hopes for a swift recovery for the injured players. It is optimistic about the team’s ability to adapt to the challenges posed by the absence of critical performers.


As Multan Sultans navigates the final preparations for PSL 9, the absence of two crucial pacers casts a shadow over their campaign. The team must exhibit resilience, adaptability, and strategic planning to overcome this setback and remain competitive in a tournament known for its unpredictability. As the action unfolds, cricket enthusiasts will closely watch how Multan Sultans copes with this challenge and whether emerging talents can fill the void left by the injured pacers.


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