Rizwan Playfully Teases Players Fixated on ‘Batting Averages’.

Rizwan Playfully Teases Players Fixated on ‘Batting Averages’. Mohammad Rizwan, a batsman and wicketkeeper for Pakistan, has stated that big players think and play for the team, whereas “average” ones look at averages. He spoke his thoughts on player psychology with Cricbuzz, emphasizing the value of putting the team’s requirements ahead of individual desires.

“First and foremost, the clubs you play for prioritize that role. If you consider yourself in that situation—for example, as a player who believes, “Let me preserve myself, he won’t go far—you will not succeed.” The average player is the one who looks at averages.

“If someone is performing, it will be there in the stats for people to see, like, say, India’s Virat Kohli, he is getting his average higher, but he is not focusing on that because average players look at average, and big players will look at the team and the situation and my focus remains on what is the requirement of the team,” he stated.



Rizwan Playfully Teases Players Fixated on ‘Batting Averages’.


Rizwan takes a dig at players obsessed with 'averages'



“Our captain and management have stated that we are experimenting to determine our most robust lineup for the World Cup. Suppose Saim Ayub is a left-hander, and we can have a left-right combo at the top. Rizwan stated that we were experimenting with a left-right combo for the World Cup because there is also Fakhar Zaman.

“I don’t think it was the wrong choice, and if it is my destiny to [open], I will do it. Neither Babar Azam nor I are upset with the management’s reasoning. He remarked, “Look, they said, we’re going to the West Indies, and there will be spin. Every country attempts to combine left and right, so our management is also thinking about that.”

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