Saqlain Mushtaq Withdraws from Multan Sultans’ Coaching Staff for PSL 9.

Saqlain Mushtaq Withdraws from Multan Sultans’ Coaching Staff for PSL 9. In a surprising turn of events ahead of the ninth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), former international cricketer and renowned spin-bowling coach Saqlain Mushtaq has announced his withdrawal from Multan Sultans’ coaching staff. This development sparks speculation about Saqlain Mushtaq’s decision, with fans eagerly awaiting details and anticipating its impact on Multan Sultans’ PSL 9 campaign.

Saqlain Mushtaq’s Coaching Legacy:

Saqlain Mushtaq, a stalwart of Pakistan’s cricketing history, is widely acclaimed for revolutionizing the art of spin bowling during his playing days. His mastery of the “doosra” and ability to outfox batsmen earned him a reputation as one of the finest spin bowlers in the world. In recent years, Saqlain seamlessly transitioned into coaching, contributing significantly to the development of spin-bowling talent in Pakistan and around the globe.

The Multan Sultans Connection:

Saqlain Mushtaq’s association with the Multan Sultans began in previous editions of the PSL, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the team’s spin-bowling department. His coaching acumen and strategic insights were crucial assets for the team’s success, making his sudden withdrawal all the more surprising.

Saqlain Mushtaq Withdraws from Multan Sultans’ Coaching Staff for PSL 9.

Saqlain Mushtaq Withdraws from Multan Sultans' Coaching Staff for PSL 9.

Reasons Behind the Withdrawal:

Specific details regarding Saqlain Mushtaq’s decision to withdraw from Multan Sultans’ coaching staff remain undisclosed. It is not uncommon for personal or professional reasons to influence such decisions, and cricket fans are left speculating about the circumstances leading to this unexpected development. The Multan Sultans’ management has yet to provide an official statement, adding to the intrigue surrounding Saqlain Mushtaq’s departure.

Impact on Multan Sultans’ Campaign:

Saqlain Mushtaq’s absence from the coaching staff undoubtedly leaves a void, especially considering his expertise in spin bowling. The impact on Multan Sultans’ PSL 9 campaign is uncertain, requiring quick adjustments in coaching strategies and player roles. Management must act swiftly to prepare the team for the challenges in the highly competitive PSL.

Speculation and Anticipation:

As news of Saqlain Mushtaq’s withdrawal reverberates through the cricketing community, fans and experts speculate on the reasons behind this decision. Curiosity about the reasons for the departure will persist until an official statement clarifies whether it is due to personal commitments or disagreements.


Saqlain Mushtaq’s withdrawal from Multan Sultans’ coaching staff adds an unexpected twist to the narrative leading up to PSL 9. Cricket fans await details, eager to see how the team adapts and if the change affects their on-field performance. The PSL, known for thrilling matches, is a fan favorite. Saqlain Mushtaq’s departure adds intrigue to the upcoming tournament.


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