Sarfaraz Backs Amir’s Return: A Boost for Pakistan’s Bowling Arsenal.

Sarfaraz Backs Amir’s Return: A Boost for Pakistan’s Bowling Arsenal. In a surprising and strategic move, former Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed has called for the comeback of Mohammad Amir to the national squad. This recommendation by Sarfaraz Ahmed has ignited discussions among cricket enthusiasts and experts alike, as the seasoned wicketkeeper-batsman believes that Amir’s return could significantly strengthen Pakistan’s bowling arsenal.


Mohammad Amir, a left-arm fast bowler, has been a prominent figure in Pakistan cricket. Despite experiencing ups and downs in his career, Amir has showcased his talent and ability to trouble batsmen with his pace and swing. Sarfaraz Ahmed’s call for Amir’s return comes at a crucial juncture, adding a new dimension to Pakistan’s pace attack.

Sarfaraz’s Perspective:

Sarfaraz Ahmed, who has shared the dressing room with Mohammad Amir, expressed his confidence in Amir’s skills and experience. In a recent statement, Sarfaraz highlighted the need for a bowler of Amir’s caliber, emphasizing his ability to handle pressure situations and deliver crucial breakthroughs. According to Sarfaraz, Amir’s experience in various T20 leagues could bring a wealth of knowledge and maturity to the national team.

Sarfaraz Backs Amir’s Return: A Boost for Pakistan’s Bowling Arsenal.

Sarfaraz Backs Amir's Return: A Boost for Pakistan's Bowling Arsenal.

Amir’s International Hiatus:

Mohammad Amir took an indefinite break from international cricket in December 2020, citing mental health concerns and a desire to focus on white-ball formats and T20 leagues. However, Sarfaraz Ahmed believes that the time is ripe for Amir’s return, especially with Pakistan gearing up for important international assignments.

Impact on Pakistan’s Bowling Depth:

If Mohammad Amir heeds the call and makes a return to the national squad, it could significantly bolster Pakistan’s bowling depth. With a skill set that includes swing, pace, and a knack for taking wickets in crucial moments, Amir could provide the team with a valuable asset, especially in conditions that favor fast bowling.

Reactions and Speculations:

Sarfaraz Ahmed’s call for Mohammad Amir’s comeback has sparked discussions among fans, cricket analysts, and fellow players. The cricketing community is closely watching for any response from the team management and selectors regarding the possibility of Amir’s return. If the left-arm pacer makes a comeback, it could mark a compelling chapter in his cricketing journey and bring excitement to Pakistan’s pace department.


Sarfaraz Ahmed’s endorsement of Mohammad Amir’s return to the national squad has injected a fresh narrative into Pakistan cricket. The seasoned wicketkeeper-batsman’s perspective, rooted in his understanding of Amir’s capabilities, has ignited a debate about the potential impact of Amir’s comeback on the team’s performance. As cricket enthusiasts await official announcements and selectors deliberate on the decision, the prospect of seeing Mohammad Amir don the national colors once again adds a layer of anticipation to Pakistan’s cricketing landscape.


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