Shahid Afridi Advocates for Haris Rauf in Pakistan’s Test Side over BBL.

Shahid Afridi Advocates for Haris Rauf in Pakistan’s Test Side over BBL. In a surprising twist, former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has voiced his opinion on the fast bowler Haris Rauf’s selection. Contrary to Rauf’s current stint in the Big Bash League (BBL), Afridi believes that the talented pacer should be considered for Pakistan’s Test side. This bold statement from the cricketing legend has sparked a debate among fans and experts alike.

Rauf’s BBL Stint:

Haris Rauf, known for his express pace and ability to trouble batters with his lethal deliveries, has been making waves in the Big Bash League. His performances for the Melbourne Stars have garnered attention, and many expected him to be a valuable asset in the game’s shorter formats. However, Afridi’s recent comments have shifted the focus to the longer format.

Shahid Afridi Advocates for Haris Rauf in Pakistan’s Test Side over BBL.

Shahid Afridi Advocates for Haris Rauf in Pakistan's Test Side over BBL.

Afridi’s Perspective:

Shahid Afridi, who has been a stalwart in Pakistani cricket, has suggested that Rauf’s skills are better suited for Test cricket than the T20 format. Afridi argues that the more extended version of the game would allow Rauf to showcase his stamina, consistency, and adaptability, which are crucial for success in Test matches.

Rauf’s Test Potential:

Afridi’s endorsement of Haris Rauf for Test cricket is a testament to his faith in the young fast bowler’s abilities. Rauf’s raw pace, coupled with his ability to swing the ball both ways, could potentially make him a potent weapon in the game’s more traditional and strategic format. Afridi’s perspective prompts a reconsideration of Rauf’s role within the national team setup.

The Debate Unleashed:

Afridi’s comments have sparked a lively debate within the cricketing community. Some agree with the legendary all-rounder, emphasizing the importance of nurturing talents like Rauf in the more extended format. Others argue that Rauf’s current form and success in T20 leagues make him an asset in the shorter formats and that the transition to Test cricket should be gradual.

Rauf’s Response:

In response to Afridi’s endorsement of Test cricket, Haris Rauf expressed gratitude for the support and acknowledged the significance of playing in the more extended format. However, he also emphasized his commitment to continuous improvement and learning, suggesting a willingness to adapt to different forms based on the team’s needs.

Looking Ahead:

As discussions surrounding Haris Rauf’s role in the Test side intensify, the selectors and team management will face a challenging decision. Balancing the need for experienced campaigners and injecting young, dynamic talent like Rauf into the Test squad requires a delicate approach. The ongoing conversation sparked by Shahid Afridi’s comments adds an intriguing layer to the selection dynamics for the Pakistani cricket team.


Shahid Afridi’s advocacy for Haris Rauf’s inclusion in Pakistan’s Test side has opened up a compelling discussion within the cricketing fraternity. The debate surrounding the fast bowler’s optimal format reflects the constant evolution of team strategies and the delicate balance between nurturing young talent and prioritizing experience in Test cricket. As the selectors weigh their options, fans eagerly await the outcome, hopeful that Haris Rauf’s potential will be harnessed in a way that contributes significantly to Pakistan’s success in the game’s longer format.


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