Thomas Tuchel updates Conor Gallagher’s Chelsea future

Conor Gallagher is brilliant and is the only reason Chelsea have overtaken Arsenal in the Premier League, even without playing for the Blues this season, so no wonder Thomas Tuchel wants him in his squad after June. 

Gallagher’s performance in Crystal Palace’s recent victory over the Gunners left an Arsenal fan mourning the entire Premier League loan structure.

The fans’ brains were so fractured that he continued to blame the midfielder’s loan spell at Crystal Palace days later, when Mikel Arteta’s team lost to Brighton, and Tarek Lampe’s “loan” Ti.

Gallagher was in excellent form, earning a 22-year-old call up and subsequent appearances for England’s Gareth Southgate squad.

Naturally, his future, and the possibility of a move to Chelsea in the next game, has come to light, and Tuchel has confirmed a midfielder’s place in his squad.

“I think Conor can be part of our team and he can play with us,” Tuchel told a pre-match press conference when asked about the future of the midfielder.

“But I’m not the only one who decides. We need to talk to everyone after the season, talk about what Conor wants after the season, we need to see how it’s going , what role do we need to get him.

“You need something to fight, your role and your point of view, where you can be, what you need to achieve. So we have to be clear to him and he needs to be clear to us.

“So let’s get it sorted. His development has been amazing, outstanding.

“He is one of Crystal Palace’s key players and has taken a big step forward in its development. He is very happy to be in charge at the pre-season – he has a lot of positive energy, general energy and is productive Very high and can have a big impact. ”

An Arsenal fan’s view of Gallagher is that he can play against the Gunners but not his home team, which is unfair because English rules prohibit him.

Speaking of which, he has a point, and with sporting integrity, midfielder Patrick Vieira’s team will miss the English FA Cup semi-final on Sunday.

Gallagher could be in the World Cup squad this winter. Image: PA Pictures

He will no doubt want to continue the great work he has done this season and continue to improve and have enough game time next season.

As well as continuing his overall development, Gallagher has the opportunity to make the England team the World Cup squad for the World Cup in Qatar in November.

That could be a reason for him to be re-borrowed, even if only for the first half of next season, to ensure he doesn’t ruin his chances with a reluctant return at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea’s future, and Tuchel’s potential to sign anyone when the transfer window reopens, remain in the air as the club has not yet been sold.

Current boss Roman Abramovich has bought a new team as his 19-year boss role in west London comes to an end.

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