YouTuber is being cruelly eliminated by a pro boxer with a 0-13 record

When a YouTuber stepped on the ring with a professional boxer this weekend, he got a total blow.

Alberto Frati, who runs the FightersLife channel, took on unpopular welterweight Stefan Markovic on Saturday night.

With a fight and a victory behind him, Frati made his first professional appearance more than two years ago.

He previously played against traveler Michael Isaac Carrero with a 13-53-6 record in Malta.

But his time in the ring caught up with him and he couldn’t continue his winning run against Markovic.

Although the Bosnian had not won any of its previous 13 games, it had beaten Frati out in a rather cruel way.

Markovic dominated the match putting the Italian on his back in the sixth round.

A video shared on social media shows Markovic attaching a fast right hand, sending his opponent down to the canvas.

But Fratty is not the only potential fighter who has found himself a little – much – beyond his depths lately.

Last year, a referee had to stop an MMA attack in the first round after one of the fighters got an absolute stick.

Craigwood was late to the Combat Evolved 9 event in Glasgow, Scotland in September 2021.

The 21-year-old walked into the cage with Aron Leo, who controlled the game, knocking Craig down almost immediately.

A photo was shared on social media showing the pair standing side by side after Craig was thoroughly beaten during the first 15 seconds of the match.

The post led to lots of people commenting and asking what exactly happened and how Craig was paired with Leo.

MMA writer Harry Williams, who shared the picture on his page, asked: “Can we find out who allowed this fight to go on? I know there are skilled people, but there is definitely a line.”

In response, attendees shared photos of the fight itself, which saw Craig fall to the canvas after receiving a combo from Allen.

He then lay down and took a few more shots before the referee stepped in to end the game.

Prior to the match, Craig was introduced as Craig Knight, which caused further confusion.

Craig Harry replied in the comments, explaining: “I asked them to change the name to my name, but since I filled another passenger during a few hours of fighting, they couldn’t.”

Then he turned back to criticisms of his body, saying: “I’ll let you know something, I’m in much better shape than I look.”

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