Predictions For Each Match Of The Twenty-Fifth Week Of EPL 2023/24

Predictions For Each Match Of The Twenty-Fifth Week Of EPL 2023/24

This season of the English Premier League  2023/24 has been a show of brilliance, suspense, and heady motivation by players and coaches. We’ve witnessed the rise of a team like Aston Villa into the top four, holding their ground against the big names of the league. Luton Town has become one of the favorite underdogs, moving away from relegation one match at a time. Currently, Liverpool stays on top of the League, with very little point gap away from the second and third teams on the table.


We’ve witnessed Everton get penalized for breaking rules and going straight to the relegation zone. Although they’ve tried working their way out in the first few weeks after, the team seems to lack the will and motivation to continue in its winning stint. As of the twenty-fourth week, the top five positions in the league remain indecisive, and it’s evident from the quality of matches we get every match week. Underdogs are matching up to the big names, and some of the big names are falling under the league’s pressure.


For instance, Chelsea has become one of the teams you can’t expect much from, regardless of how small the opponent is. Manchester United has also been inconsistent in performances, either giving their all or faltering in matches. Teams like Wolves and Brighton have become quite intimidating in the league, with performances that show teamwork, brilliance, and unwavering motivation, especially against the big teams. So far, our predictions for the past game weeks have helped players in bets, and we’re looking forward to the many more coming matches. In the following headings, we highlight and detail predictions for each match for the twenty-fifth week of the EPL 2023/24.

Brentford Vs. Liverpool

Liverpool seems to have nothing stopping their drive to win the league, especially after Jurgen Klopp announced he’s stepping down as coach at the end of the season. By the looks of it, Jurgen Klopp hopes to exit his managerial career with the team winning the Premier League one last time with him. But it’s not going to be easy with the likes of Manchester City and Arsenal right at the club’s tail. In this coming match against Brentford, Liverpool is the obvious favorite to win, having the better form and winning streak in the past several weeks.


Brentford sits at number 15 on the table with one of the worst runs in this league’s season. Of twenty-three matches, the team has won six games, drawn four, and lost thirteen. Against a team like Liverpool, we expect them to concede nothing less than two goals despite their home advantage. Hence, bet on over 1.5 for this match or play a straight win in favor of Liverpool.

Burnley Vs. Arsenal

Burnley sits in the bottom three of the league, with all indications that they’ll be relegated at the end of the season. They’ve been in poor form and have had an even poorer run, with only a win better than Sheffield United. Out of twenty-three matches, Burnley has won only three games, drawn four, and lost sixteen. On the other hand, Arsenal is one of the strongest contenders for the Premier League championship, sitting at number three on the table. They’re only two points away from the top, with Liverpool and Manchester City in their way.


This team hasn’t won a title in years, and this league is a chance to break the spell finally. For this coming match, we predict at least two goals from Arsenal’s end. So, you want to go for the over 1.5 bet or you pick a straight-win market in favor of Arsenal.

Newcastle Vs. Bournemouth

Newcastle is one of the teams that have been in decent form so far in the league. They’ve had their share of wins and losses, drawing 4 – 4 to Luton Town, winning 3 – 1 against Aston Villa, and losing 3 – 2 to Manchester City. It’s expected that Newcastle will win the match against a small team like Bournemouth. However, to bet on this game, you should stake on both teams to score, but for Newcastle to win. Bet on over 1.0 and keep your wager safe.

Fulham Vs. Aston Villa

Fulham has been a mid-table team since the beginning of the season, while Aston Villa has been a surprisingly good team. Out of 23 games, Fulham has won seven games, drawn five, and lost eleven games. In their last three games, they’ve drawn two and lost one. Fulham has little to no hope of securing three points against a team like Aston Villa, who’re gunning for the title. We predict an Aston Villa win, so pick an over one or straight-win bet.

Nottingham Forest Vs. West Ham United

Nottingham Forest is one of the teams in the League with unpredictable performances. On some game days, they’re playing spectacularly against big teams, and on other days, they’re drawing and losing with narrow goal margins. This coming match against West Ham United is one of the unpredictable matches where both teams have a chance of netting goals. Stake on an over 1.5 market as we expect a goal from both teams.

Tottenham Vs. Wolves

Tottenham Hotspur is in the top five on the table, contesting for the title with a small point gap between them and the top team. They’ve had an impressive run since the beginning of the season with thirteen wins, five draws, and five losses. By comparison, Wolves have nine wins, five losses, and nine draws. While Tottenham might look like the stronger team, the Wolves have a reputation for playing in equal strength against big teams and playing a draw or making wins.


We’ve seen this in matches against Chelsea, Newcastle, Aston Villa, and even Manchester City. Hence, we’re not putting it past Wolves to draw or win this game. This game is an over 1.5 bet, as we’re pretty sure both teams will deliver a goal.

Manchester City Vs. Chelsea

Pep Guardiola’s team has taken on renewed confidence and strength following their few losses and draws from last year. They’ve been in excellent form, winning all their EPL games for the past six weeks. It’s evident the team is on a mission to surpass Liverpool and seal a sixth consecutive win in the EPL. On the other hand, Chelsea has been a poor team, for their popularity and reputation, and have turned sporadically this season.


However, their rivalry with Manchester City is longstanding, and they’re incredibly motivated to give their all within those 90 minutes. Unfortunately, we do not see that carrying them through against Manchester City’s current form. Our prediction is a straight win for Manchester City.

Sheffield United Vs. Brighton

Sheffield are heading to relegation, sitting at the bottom of the league with less than 13 points to their name. They’re of the poorest form in the league and are no match for Brighton. Our predictions put this game at a straight win with at least two goals for Brighton.

Luton Town Vs. Manchester United

Luton Town is the latest favorite underdog, filled with surprises as they’ve worked their way out of relegation following a winning/draw streak. Their newly found motivation has been helpful in games against even the bigger teams of the English Premier League. With their home advantage, we predict a goal from both teams in this coming match. However, Manchester United remain the favorites to win.

Everton Vs. Crystal Palace

Both teams have met before, and it ended in a 3 – 2 win in favor of Everton. All indications point to Everton recreating a win against Crystal Palace, especially with the losing streak the latter team has had for weeks. Hence, you should stake on Everton to win and also put into consideration that both teams are likely to score.


These are our predictions for the twenty-fifth week of the English Premier League of 2023/24. Be sure to join us for the predictions of the twenty-sixth week, where we have exciting matches like the face-off between Chelsea and Tottenham and Arsenal and Newcastle.

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