PSL 9: Multan Sultans Chase 145 vs Islamabad United.

PSL 9: Multan Sultans Chase 145 vs Islamabad United. Cricket enthusiasts and fans were treated to a thrilling encounter in the ninth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) as Multan Sultans faced off against Islamabad United. The live score updates unfolded a captivating battle between bat and ball, with Mohammad Rizwan’s men aiming to chase down a 145-run target set by Islamabad United.

First Innings Drama:

The match began with Islamabad United winning the toss and opting to bat. The United’s batsmen faced a disciplined bowling attack from Multan Sultans, with the latter restricting the opposition to a challenging yet achievable total of 145 runs. Islamabad United’s innings featured noteworthy performances from their top-order batsmen, setting the stage for an intriguing run chase.

Multan Sultans’ Response:

As Multan Sultans took to the crease, all eyes were on their captain, Mohammad Rizwan, and the rest of the batting lineup. The live score updates provided a minute-by-minute account of the chase, with fans eagerly anticipating boundaries, wickets, and the unfolding drama that is characteristic of T20 cricket.

PSL 9: Multan Sultans Chase 145 vs Islamabad United.


Multan Sultans vs Islamabad United Live Score, PSL 9: Rizwan's Men Chase 145-run Target.

Rizwan’s Captaincy and Batting Prowess:

Mohammad Rizwan, the captain of Multan Sultans, has been in stellar form with the bat and has showcased exceptional leadership throughout the tournament. In this crucial encounter, Rizwan’s captaincy skills and batting prowess were put to the test as he led the charge in pursuit of the 145-run target. The live score became a virtual scoreboard for fans, tracking each run and boundary as Multan Sultans chased down the total.

Key Performances:

The live score updates highlighted key performances from both teams. Islamabad United’s bowlers were relentless in their efforts to defend the target, while Multan Sultans’ batsmen displayed resilience and aggressive stroke play. The battle between bat and ball created moments of tension and excitement, making it a spectacle for fans watching from around the world.

Crucial Moments:

In T20 cricket, matches often hinge on crucial moments, and this encounter was no exception. The live score updates captured the intensity of the game, whether it was a breathtaking catch, a crucial wicket, or a game-changing boundary. Each delivery brought with it the potential to swing the momentum, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.


As Multan Sultans successfully chased down the 145-run target set by Islamabad United, the live score updates provided a real-time narrative of the thrilling contest. The victory for Rizwan’s men showcased their resilience, skill, and determination in the face of a competitive target. Cricket fans can now reflect on this captivating clash, and with the PSL 9 tournament continuing, there are undoubtedly more exciting encounters and nail-biting moments in store.


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