Ramiz Raja Urges Hunain Shah’s Exit from Islamabad United in PSL 9.

Ramiz Raja Urges Hunain Shah’s Exit from Islamabad United in PSL 9. In a surprising turn of events during the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Season 9, Ramiz Raja, the former cricketer and current cricket administrator, has voiced his strong opinion on Islamabad United’s team dynamics. Ramiz Raja has expressed his desire for Hunain Shah to part ways with Islamabad United, creating a buzz in the cricketing community and sparking discussions about the team’s composition.

Ramiz Raja’s Perspective:

Ramiz Raja, known for his insightful commentary and astute cricketing observations, has not shied away from offering his views on the performance and composition of teams. In the case of Islamabad United, Raja has singled out Hunain Shah, suggesting that a change in personnel might be necessary for the team to elevate its game and secure a stronger position in PSL 9.

Hunain Shah’s Contribution:

Hunain Shah, a promising talent and a part of Islamabad United’s squad, has been under scrutiny for his recent performances. While he has shown glimpses of potential, his consistency has been questioned, leading to debates about his role in the team. Ramiz Raja, with his wealth of cricketing experience, believes that a change in personnel might bring about a positive transformation in Islamabad United’s fortunes.

Ramiz Raja Urges Hunain Shah’s Exit from Islamabad United in PSL 9.

Ramiz Raja Urges Hunain Shah's Exit from Islamabad United in PSL 9.

Team Dynamics and Strategy:

Ramiz Raja’s call for Hunain Shah’s departure is not just about individual performance but also about team dynamics and strategy. Raja, in his commentary and analysis, has emphasized the importance of finding the right balance within a team to achieve success in a tournament as competitive as the PSL. His suggestion points towards a strategic reevaluation of Islamabad United’s lineup and composition.

Impact on Islamabad United:

The public endorsement by a cricketing figure of Ramiz Raja’s stature adds a layer of complexity to Islamabad United’s ongoing campaign in PSL 9. The management of the team now faces the challenging task of evaluating Hunain Shah’s role and deciding whether a change is necessary to align with the team’s goals and aspirations.

Response from Islamabad United:

As the cricketing community buzzes with discussions regarding Ramiz Raja’s comments, Islamabad United’s management and coaching staff will undoubtedly consider the implications of his suggestion. Whether they choose to make a change in the squad or stand by their player, the decision will have repercussions on the team’s performance and dynamics for the remainder of PSL 9.


Ramiz Raja’s call for Hunain Shah’s departure from Islamabad United adds an intriguing subplot to the narrative of PSL 9. As fans eagerly await developments and the team’s response, the tournament continues to unfold with its share of drama and excitement. Whether Islamabad United heeds Raja’s advice or stays the course with their current lineup, the PSL 9 storyline is sure to captivate cricket enthusiasts until the final ball is bowled.


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