Cricket and Politics: India’s 2023 ICC World Cup Campaign

Cricket and Politics: India’s 2023 ICC World Cup Campaign. A triumph would undoubtedly trigger jubilant celebrations among cricket enthusiasts, especially given that despite India’s cricket governing body being the wealthiest in the sport and the undeniable success of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the country hasn’t secured a World Cup victory in 12 years.

Cricket and Politics: India’s 2023 ICC World Cup Campaign

This shows us the political dynamics likely to unfold during the 2023 International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup hosted in India. With the advantage of playing on home turf, a remarkably talented team, and the substantial financial influence of the Indian cricket board, the host nation is considered the frontrunner to clinch victory in the 46-day tournament set to commence this Thursday.

Cricket and Politics: India's 2023 ICC World Cup Campaign

Beyond the cricket aspects, there are observers who suggest that India’s ruling party, the Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Prime Minister Modi, may be leveraging the tournament for political gains, potentially using it as a platform to launch a bid for a third term in office. Some speculations even go as far as to propose that if India emerges victorious, Modi might contemplate advancing the general elections, possibly six months ahead of the scheduled termination of the BJP’s current term in June 2024.

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