Emma Raducanu reveals that she has no toenails

Emma Raducanu has revealed she has no toenails as she begins her first clay court season in preparation for the French Open.

Raducanu will play his first professional game in a clay court during the Billyjan Cup on Friday, having not played on the ground for nearly four years.

The 19-year-old will be part of the England squad as they challenge the Czech Republic in Prague before continuing with preparations for their second Grand Slam of the year.

The US Open champion has revealed that his intense practice sessions for the clay-court tournament have left him with the strange disease of no toes.

When asked how she was after the latest issue of the hip, the UK first said: “It’s fine – but I don’t have toenails anymore!

“It’s my feet and my shoes, they slide a lot. I had a little problem in Miami, but now I have no physical thing.”

England captain Anne Keothavong echoed her best chance of winning a draw, adding: “Seeing Emma’s toes this week, we’re all a little scared!”

The world No 12 before playing on the ground for the first time in his career, said: “This will be my first professional game on clay, so I’m definitely learning.

“I feel like this is probably one of the strongest surfaces for my future. But of course it’s early days.

“I played club league in Pilsen, Czech Republic, when I was 11 and had a lot of fun. It was my first trip abroad, so I really enjoyed it.

“I spend a few weeks on clay in the summer, but I like to skate and once I get the timing right and spend more time on it, I’m sure it could be a very good surface for me. me.

“So after spending more time on this surface, I’m sure I’ll have better timing. I feel like I can use it and play aggressively while still moving.”

England do not have to win their Billy Jean Gold Cup to qualify for the final, as the finals can be held on these coasts and they will then move on as hosts.

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