Only 14 have played the part of birds in the world’s most extreme par 3

Want a chance to play the tallest and longest par 3 hole in the world? Well, only a handful of people were able to bird the hole called Extreme 19.

This amazing hole is 400 meters high and 395 yards long at the legendary golf and safari resort in Ntabene Safari Greenhouse, South Africa, a two-and-a-half hour drive from Johannesburg, and its lawns shaped like the African continent .

The tee can only be reached by helicopter, and it takes more than 20 seconds for the ball to hit the ground. Check out the footage below of golfers trying their luck in the crazy Extreme 19.

Despite the difficult situation, 14 golfers managed to play birdie, including former cricketer Franklin Stephenson.

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton had just a par, as did American actor Morgan Freeman, while Irish professional golfer Padraig Harrington became the first to hit three.

South Africa’s iconic 18-hole golf course has been designed by many professional golfers, including Padraig Harrington, Sergio García, Colin Montgomerie and Justin Rose.

Here is a picture of course designer Harrington playing the par 3 in 2010.

If you think you’re having a hard time finding fairways, or even lawns, on South Africa’s extreme bar 3s, don’t worry anymore.

One company has developed advanced technology that makes the ball straighten onto cross passes and hook shots, using shallow and deep punches to reduce lift and drag while improving weight distribution.

Polara Golf claims that if you carve the 100ft golf ball, the exact same swing as our chip suspension golf ball will cut about 25 feet, leaving you on the fairway instead rough.

As you can see in the clip above, YouTuber Rick Shiels probably tried to slice his drive to the right, but the ball seemed to correct the angle and went straight down the fairway.

This is great for golfers who always play rough, or worse, surrender the ball when playing with their teammates.

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