UFC Vegas 51 Live Blog: Vicente Luque vs Berard Mohammed 2

Here is the live UFC Vegas 51 blog of Saturday’s welterweight replay between Vicente Luque and Belal Muhammad, the main event at UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

Luke and Mohammed battled back for the first time at UFC 205 in 2016, with Luke winning from a shot in the first round. Since that bout, Luke has continued to establish himself as one of the best welterweight in the world, accumulating a 10-2 record and climbing to No. 5 in the MMA Fighting Global Rankings. Currently on a four-game winning run, Luke finds himself on the brink of a title run and a victory over Mohamed could make him the next shot of the title.

Similarly, Mohammed was brilliant in his first fight with Luke, accumulating a 10-1 record in zero fights and climbing to No. 6 in the MMA Fighting Global Rankings. Currently on an unbeaten run of seven games, Mohammed looks to avenge his previous losses and take himself to the welterweight title with a win tonight.

Check out the live UFC Vegas 51 blog below.

after the war

Muhammad first thanked God. He then talks about having to think about their first battle and how Luke cast him out. He has a lot of respect for Luke, calling it one of his toughest challenges.

Mohammed then said that the fight showed he could do it all, fight the best, fight the best and hit the best. He then called for a fight against Colby Covington, whom he called “Big Mouth Karen.” He said he was a real welterweight and that he won contests, not lightweight or Jorge Masvidal.

At last he cried out to Palestine.

official decision

Berard Mohamed defeated Vicente Luke by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-47).

Round 5

Luque’s corner told him it was 2-2. Here is a generous explanation of the battle. Luke may need to finish. Muhammad seems to have caught the second wind, though, which is troublesome.

Luque started the hunt again, but Muhammad got the important right to start. Muhammad made a difficult little trip, but Luque stuffed that. Muhammad elbow on the break.

Luc cut the cage open again, but had no intention of committing any offense now. Mohamed kept him completely on the defensive. Mohamed got another shot, but Luke got an easy shot. Mohammed’s movements made Luke uncomfortable. He wants perfect shots, and those don’t work for him.

Muhammad shot again, this time Luc cut his neck and now Muhammad had to bail and turtle protect. He got out of the car and shot again almost instantly, driving Luke over the cage and onto the fence. Luke tried to gain his ground, but he couldn’t, and Mohammed went after him. They sat on the fence, Mohammed holding the thigh lock, with 90 seconds remaining. This is the lost battle of Muhammad.

Now Muhammad puts his arms around Luke’s neck. He doesn’t have a view on it, but there are a few things to consider. Luke got up, but Muhammad refused to let him go. Luque eventually broke free, but he had 50 seconds to finish or he lost the match. Muhammad would not let this happen. He’s on his bike. Luke tracked him down, but he still had no real attack and Mohammed got his own combination. Great performance by Belal Muhammad.

MMA Fighting scored in the first round with 10-9 Muhammad and 49-46 Muhammad combined.

4 Round

Mohammed’s corner didn’t offer much technical advice here, mainly to motivate their fighters to keep fighting. He seems to be the most tired fighter so far, but let’s see how the championship plays out.

Luque started the fourth quarter again on the march, and headed off, and Mohammed barely blocked. Luke also returned to the calf kick. However, Muhammad is looking fresher now. His punch is definitely more popular than the last round.

Luke is now starting to size more, which opens some windows for a bigger shot. In addition, Mohammed’s actions slowed significantly. But he did not wrestle. Mohammed drove on one leg and did so with ease. He is once again defending all-out and ready to shoot. There are 3 minutes left in the game.

Luke got up and tried to skateboard, but Mohammed was playing right now. He wants to hold the job for as long as possible. clever. Mohamed passed the ball to the wing for control. Luc put his back up, but after a fight, Luc came back. 2 minutes left.

Luc chased again and landed on the left, but Mohammed returned on fire. Luke is looking hard now. The fighting was slipping away as he was closing in on Muhammad but not unloading the attack. Muhammad is now surpassing him. 1 minute left.

Luke is now paralyzed, who destroys him in this fight. He got his place but not down and Mohammed increased his productivity. Job, right hand and move. Not much, but it all counts.

MMA Fighting scored in the first round with 10-9 Muhammad and 39-37 Muhammad overall.

3 Round

It was a great surprise that Luque had little resistance to wrestling Muhammad in two rounds. However, his third game started the same way, one of which was a hunt, with Muhammad shuffling outside the cage again, looking for an opening.

Luque’s left hook hits Muhammad inside! He now retreats completely and tries to buy time, but Luc explodes. Luque is now strong, and when Muhammad mixes, he has found a decent home for his villain. Mohammed grabbed another set, but Luke scored. Mohammad came equal, but Luke was right.

Muhammad knocked him down again, but this time Luque defended him and Muhammad pushed him over the cage to the fence. Mohammed was still working on it but he couldn’t finish, and now that Luke was apart, he was starting to build momentum.

Luke walked over to the body and gave Muhammad another big blow, looking genuinely troubled. However, Mohammed steps down again, and the timing is good! He got a clean shot, and with less than 2 minutes remaining, Mohamed was back in power again.

Luque stepped up again, pushing up, and now that they were on their feet, Muhammad was beginning to look struggling. Never seen him tired before, but his fist slowly came back.

Luke presses on now and they start swapping inside. Mohammed fought back, but got the worst of those exchanges. Luque still looks fresh. He jumped up before the bell, this was his first round at the bank.

MMA Fighting in the first round scored 10-9 Luque and 29-28 Muhammad overall.

2 Round

Luke marched again to start the second. He breaks the cage well and kicks solid calves. Muhammad began to show these signs. Although he had a clear rebound of 1-2, Luque ate it up and continued to press.

Muhammad is committed to this movement. He did not pitch a goal and was landing some solid counters when he was cornerbacked. However, it was Luke who took the low kick and timed the moments when Mohammed came in for them.

Luke is now beginning to find rhythm, counteracting this side-to-side movement with hooks, as well as kicks. Mohamed broke out here, and when he decided to try to get Luke back, the combo. But Luque is dialed into his ranks, most of which are now missing.

Mohamed took the opportunity to hit an explosive double, which was easy to get. Mohammed, who was on full defense with 90 seconds remaining, broke straight in with a short throw. Luque stretches and grabs and grabs down, using it to slide towards the fence. Muhammad stayed and supported him again, but Luque wanted to scrape him off again. This time, Mohammed was about to get back on the mat, but Luke scrambled to his feet in a short time.

Mohammad’s body kicked and the round ended. Closer this time, but still possibly Muhammad’s?

MMA Fighting scored in the first round with 10-9 Muhammad and 20-18 Muhammad overall.

Round 1

Luke is someone who takes center stage early and puts pressure on Mohamed. The cage broke well, but he ate some of Muhammad’s body kicks. They both started with a lot of pose changes.

Mohamed really is on this bike, he kicks very well. He tried to seduce Luke, and he finally did. Mohammed immediately changed levels and drove with his legs, placing Luke on the mat. Luke is fully armed and we are playing the game right now.

Mohamed has a strong base here and is not too interested in passing, just breaking. Luke stepped up to make room for contention, but Mohammed stayed and is now behind. Luke went to the cage to get rid of Muhammad, and finally did so and became Muhammad.

In a short space of time, they were back in space and Luke started hunting again, but Mohammed circled wildly and the round was over.

MMA Fighting Mohammed scored in the round 10-9.

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